Friday, October 30, 2009

another reason why.

there are about 100 reasons we wanted to get married in mexico. this is one of them. farra & juan's wedding crossed my path last year, via my boss. the bride wore her shoes (gucci, of course) and wanted to share the wedding pics...

i gasped as i looked at them. it was everything i had dreamt of and there it was. i sent these pictures to everyone i knew (a little stalker status*, maybe) and warned them of what was to come when i got married-- we were going to mexico! i knew the bride and i needed to be friends. clearly, we had more in common than we both knew-- her love of mexico (not everyone shares this, trust me, i've heard it), the engagement pics that were shot 3 blocks from my house (i have a keen eye for my neighborhood, a hidden little gem in sd), and the fact that she lived in buenos aires (i was weeks away from a trip to b.a. after obsessing over it for years). i sent her a very stalker-like email, and we've been friends ever since...

*please note, i knew her prior to this stalker status, just not very well. i was not stalking a total stranger, thank you.

now, a.h. and i had been to a wedding in baja right before these pics came my way so, and it was the best time we've ever had a wedding. we had mexico weddings on the brain, but never thought we could make it happen. it was unreal. a beautiful backdrop with the bride and groom's closest family and friends together for 3 days. it was so memorable for us, and a.h. was just the dj! that experience was reason number 2 for wanting to get married in mexico (behind my obsession with traveling and being selfish and forcing people to travel for me). so, farra and juan's wedding was clearly the turning point, even without being there.
it was just the fact that someone else we knew had made it happen...

so, here's a tidbit of what resonated with me so much that day. reason number 3 for why a.h. and i are escaping to sayulita. farra & juan were married at hotelito desconocido-- an ecological sanctuary an hour from puerto vallarta. they did yoga. they sipped margaritas in hammocks. time slowed down. candles burned (there was no electricity). she took a row boat to meet her groom. and most importantly, she rocked green gucci for it. they shared 3 really memorable days with their closest family and friends and we can't wait to do the same.

i hope you enjoy this as much as i did, it's a pleasure to share these photos of two people who are very special additions to our lives these days (and are coming to mexico with us!)...


-all photos by q weddings. more here.


  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!! absolutly stunning. No wonder you were inspired, I am too!

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